Pre Departure requirements for your legal wedding
In order that the necessary formalities may be initiated prior to your arrival in Bali, the following documentation must be sent to the Windys Bali 1 Month prior to your arrival date.

Note: if you are about to have a ceremonial wedding just ignore the point below  

  • Copies of each passport, and should be valid for at least six (06) months following the date of arrival in Bali
  • Copies of both birth certificates
  • Full name, religion, occupation and domicile of both parties
  • Copy of decree(s) absolute if either person is divorced
  • Copy of death certificate if either person is a widow/widower
  • Copy of evidence of parental consent in the form of a sworm affidavit stamped by a Notary Public if either person is under 21 years old
  • Name and full address of the parents of both parties including
  • Five (05) pieces of passport sized photographs (4x6cm) are required. You must be photographed as a couple, bridegroom on the right side and bride on the left side (as you look at the photo). Either black & white of color photographs are acceptable

Local Legal Requirements
The couple should take the originals of all documents mentioned above to Bali, as the couple will be required to make a sworn statement of their intention to marry in Bali at the respective Embassy or Consulate General of their country origin (either in Jakarta or Bali). They will need to have the Certificate on No Impediment. They are to bring another four (4) pieces black and white photographs for administration purposes. An additional nominal administration charge shall apply depending on the rules and regulation of each respective country. This payment is not included in any of our packages. Please contact your Embassy or Consulate in Jakarta or Bali for further information, as you might need extra certain legal documents from your government . British nationality people or other nations with no consulate in Bali should stay at least one (1) night in Jakarta for their sworn statement letter purposes.

Legal Wedding Arrangement
One who wishes to get married legally in Indonesia (Bali) either local or foreign citizen, must firstly possess the religious wedding requirements below. This would require additional documentation apart from the existing local legal documents required above:

A. Catholic Religious Wedding Ceremony

  • A statement from the local church in their country stating that both parties are bachelor and Spencer.
  • A letter of recommendation from their church to request the church in Bali to officiate and bless the wedding ceremony
  • Statement from the church in their country of the candidate status i.e. widowed.
  • Prove of Baptism
  • Both parties should be of the same religion

B. Protestant Religious Wedding Ceremony

  • Letter of recommendation from the Protestant church in their country to be addressed to the Sinode Council of Protestant Church in Denpasar ( Bali ), requesting Bali church to bless the wedding
  • If one of the couple in not Protestant, he/she needs to write a statement stating his/her agreement to be blessed in Protestant.
  • Prove of Baptism

Your Preparation after arrival in Bali
On the Day of Arrival a meeting is to be arranged between the couple and a staff from our Wedding Team, to discuss the rundown , place of venue etc . including any optional item requested.

Your Wedding Date
The Wedding Ceremony can be arranged at any day of the week. The legal Wedding Ceremony might require extra efforts or extra charge if it is held on Saturday, Sunday or public Holidays.

Your Wedding Day

  • 3 hours prior to the ceremony:
  • 2 hours prior to the ceremony: Make up and hair do
  • Proceedings of the wedding ceremony
    - Welcoming and position taking
    - Blessings by the Priest
    - Registration of Marriage
    - Signing of the Certificates
    - flower shower
    - Toasting with the bride
    - Photo taken on respective location

Length of Stay
We recommend you to plan at least 3-4 nights stay in Bali.

What to bring before you step foot on the island of god

  • Your dress ( wedding dress, accessories, shoe, wedding ring, sock underware and magic bra for the bride, tie, belt )
  • Sun block , sun glass, mosquito repellent, sandal thouse are the thing that you must have and if you are planing for a villa stay and beach walk Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, in which April to September is the dry season and October to March, the rainy season. Bali is hot throughout the year but during the dry season it may get chilly at night and early morning. A jacket will help.
  • Accept the nature during your stay especially if you stay in villa u might hear a mistery creature sound at night and other nature orchestra some can be thame and some don’t
  • Electric The voltage and frequency in Indonesia are 220 volts. The plug is a C type: two round pins as shown above. When using an electrical appliance from another country, you might need a transformer and plug adapter.
  • Water though water in most part of Indonesia is soft water, the tap water in Bali is hard. Never drink from the tap and always be sure to use bottled water. Be careful with ice as it is often made from water that is not purified.

Protecting valuables
There are cases of pickpockets, luggage stealing and purse-snatching. When you go out, don’t take valuables with you and when you walk on the sidewalks, don’t carry your bag on the road side. Keep valuables, including your passport and cash, in the safe deposit box at your hotel.